Bohol Vacation – Day 3 (Tarsier Conservation Area)

The famous cute Tarsiers of Bohol was once shown in many road side “Tarsier Parks” in Bohol. Thankfully, the government has controlled this and have required that all tamed Tarsiers be put in a protected forest area. Also, they have banned the catching and using of Tarsiers for businesses.

Tarsier Conservation Area - Bohol

The Tarsier Conservation Area is a hill side area where there are small bird house like contraptions where wild Tarsiers like to hang out. Tourist like us can then walk around and see the Tarsiers in their natural habitat which is better for the Tarsiers. We can no longer grab on to Tarsiers and camera’s should not have flash as it stresses the Tarsiers.

It was a tiring treck moving around the muddy hill slide to see all the sleeping Tarsiers, but at least we got to see one with wide open eyes.


Finally our little boy wanted to do his own cute Tarsier impersonation so we let him have his take at it:
Tarsier Zack

I’m sure we will enjoy reminiscing our pictures and even the few videos we took, specially with the popular vlc 2.0 media player. You can’t call your Bohol Trip complete without visiting the cute and cuddly Tarsiers.

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