Daily Archiv: March 13, 2012

Bohol Vacation – Day 3 (Loboc River Cruise)

After visiting the , we then moved on to the last leg of our country side tour which is a ride on the famous Loboc River floating restaurants.

We got to ride the big “Pawikan” boat which literally had a Pawikan design and looks like a giant Pawikan from space – rather from a bridge.

Pawikan - Loboc River Cruise

Basically, it is a buffet style meal served on a boat as you cruise along the famous Loboc River. There was also a singer/guitarist that entertained us as the boat moved along. He is versed at singing songs in different local languages to please the local tourists, and he can even sing Chinese and Korean songs of which most of the tourist belong to.

Loboc River Cruise

The boat also docked on a part of the river where a local “ati tribe” will entertain the passengers that are willing to get off the boat. So ofcourse we did and my sons enjoyed it and we got a photo of a fire breathing one.

Ati-Tribe at Loboc River Cruise

Although the country side tour was tiring, the smiles of our two kids makes it more than worth it. Here is bunso enjoying the songs by the singer:
Zack at Loboc River Cruise

And here is Kuya Zyke, imagining he was the captain of the ship as we headed back to the dock.
Zyke at Loboc River Cruise

When we got back the dock is full of people, from foreigners to locals, from health professionals to Marcus nursing scrubs, from students to teachers, young ones and old ones alike – everyone enjoyed the trip.